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Destille Berlin & Agave Cocktail Party

Berlin, 29.03.2017

This Saturday 1st of April, Berlin will experience the 6th edition of the "Destille Craft Spirits Festival"; here you have the opportunity to meet producers and merchants of some of the best hand-made or craft spirits available in the market. Visitors to Destille Berlin will have the opportunity to taste Gin, Rum, Vodka, and my personal favorites Agave Spirits.

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Mezcal Tasting Series by Agavera

Berlin, 14.07.2016

It was time to get to know Agave distillates in a proper and casual way; this has been the work of Christian Schroeder who a few years ago created the mezcal-on-the-wheels project "Agavera Berlin." On Friday 15th of July, Agavera presents the first of its tasting series at Dr. Pong in Prenzlauer Berg (Doors Opens 18hrs).

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Mezcal on the (berliner) road

Berlin, 31.03.2016

Few months ago I heard a rumour about a mezcal-bike driving around the city of Berlín and after chasing it for a couple of weeks I've finally caught it. Agavera is the name of this street-fooddrink project which offers a delicious agave-elixir from Oaxaca, the biggest Mezcal producer-state of Mexico.

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Mezcal Session in Berlin

Besuch im „Tu Salud“

Berlin, 05.03.2016

Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich einen Artikel über den Bar-Manager Roger Breittenegger gelesen, der mit seiner Pop-Up Bar “Tu Salud” in Berlin das Konzept von Craft Beer und Craft Spirits eingeführt hat.

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