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Mezcal on the (berliner) road

Berlin, 31.03.2016

Chasing Mezcal in Berlín.

It has been hard for me - for any mexican living in Germany - to find good mezcales in Restaurants and Bars. To be fair, the mezcales I used to drink in Mexico were from small producers who didnt export to Europe. 

There is no rule on which mezcal is the best because as for all the food the best is the one that you like the most. However, it's to be said that the only Mezcal you could get in Europe was for many years the Tequila, very often the cheaper version of it which is only 51% Agave Azul.

Nowadays its easier to find good Tequilas in many bars and restaurants, mainly the original Mexican ones, but the other types of Mezcales are still not so easy to find. That might be the motivation to create Agavera, if people can't find mezcal, then mezcal will find the people. 

Mezcal 100% Agave from Oaxaca.

In Agavera we can find Mezcal Bruxo, the name comes from the word “Brujo” which is a kind of shaman. Bruxo is a 100% Agave Mezcal has six different products made from mainly four sorts of Agave: Tobala, Espadin and Barril types of Agave. 

My very favorite is their Ensamble by the Maestro Mezcalero Cesáreo Rodriguez and its made in the Mexican town of Las Salinas in Oaxaca. The name Ensamble (in English would be assembly) is received by all mezcales which are made from more than one type of Agave, for instance, Bruxo´s Ensamble is made with Espadín, Barril and Cuishe Agaves.

Obviously, we tasted all of the mezcales, another favorite of the group was the Pechuga de Maguey, which is a mezcal seasoned with actual turkey breast. Take a look at Agavera´s facebook page to see their next stop; if you like fine spirits, you definitely will enjoy those exotic Mezcales served with orange slices and Worm Salz, another delicacy of Mexican cuisine which goes very well with any Bruxo Mezcal.

Photo Credits: Freddy S