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Mezcal Session in Berlin

Besuch im „Tu Salud“

Berlin, 05.03.2016

Few weeks ago I read about a the Pop-Up Bar, a concept created by the Bar Manager Roger Breittenegger, who brings Craft Beer and Craft Spirits to Berlin. The peculiarity about this concept Bar is that it changes its theme every 6 weeks and I was delighted to see that from April 10th, Mexican Agave Schnaps would take over the Bar on the Oranienburger Straße for the next weeks.

In all my time in Berlín, I've also travelled to some countries in Western Europe and the UK, and it has been very hard to find authentic Mexican 100% Agave Schnaps in local Bars. Usually, you only find the big Tequila brands owned by global companies which also commercialise mainstream spirits such as Bacardi or Smirnoff; however, Mezcal has never been even mentioned and it was impossible to find, until now. 

Mezcal and Tequila are to be found in most of the Bars of Mexico City, besides we have the Mezcalerías, traditional, small and uncomplicated Bars which only serve Beer and Mezcal, precisely what the “Tu Salud” Bar concept would offer. I was very curious about German mezcal-cocktails but on that day I was looking forward to trying the different Craft Beers this Pop-Up Bar also offer, so I called some friends to discover the traditional and crazy taste of Mezcal 100% Agave.

Mexican Atmosphere - They got it right 

It's hard to say how many times I have been very disappointed and even offended by the decoration of plenty of the so-called “authentic Mexican restaurants”. Most of them don't transmit the essence of our gastronomic culture which is all about tasty drinks and good friends, these places got wrong the stereotypes of Tequila and Sombrero. Fortunately, this is not the case of Tu Salud bar, which colourful and Mexican decoration created a friendly atmosphere which was complemented by delicious handcrafted Mexican spirits from the top Mezcal producers from South Mexico, the most important Mezcal region in the country.

Mezcal Cocktails

The Cocktail Menu was simple, five different cocktails, all made with Mezcal and different natural fruit juices. To start the night we had the Smooky Cooler, En su cara (Auf die Fresse) and the Apio Cooler. My favourite was the Apio Cooler because I don't really like Apio (Cellerie) but I was stunned at how tasty the combination with Mezcal was. 

Back to the Roots - Craft Beer and Alcohol
I'm very glad that nowadays many people is or has been developed the old techniques for making beer and spirits. The profit-oriented economic system has made difficult for traditional small breweries or spirits producers to place their products in common points of sale. Few years ago, the handcraft movement started to get traction in the US, where nowadays it´s very common to find bars, restaurants and supermarkets offering one or more different types of beer, all made by small or independent producers. 

After finishing my Apio Cooler it was time to drink Mezcal the Mexican way, so I asked Roger a Real Minero Pechuga, a 3 times distilled Mezcal which is produced using local fruits and species as well as Chicken Breast and a beer. I like Pale Ale and Roger told me that the Pale Ale from Braunkustkeller goes very well with that mezcal and its right, I did order a couple more that night. 

There is still time to visit the Bar “Tu Salud” which also offers a variety of another type of Crafted Spirits as the Gin Sul, Meermaid Rum, Bulleit Bourbon. So there are many good and tasty reasons to visit the Pop-Up Bar “Tu Salud” and if you would like to discover or know more about Mezcal next Wednesday (May 13th 2015) will be a Mezcal tasting organised at 7 pm.

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