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Diferent locations, same tasty, natural and healthy mexican food. The truth flavor of Mexico mixed with international and local ingredients we find in the city and always accompained with our Agave Bar offering Pulque (agave wine), Tequilas and Mezcales 100% Agave, Agave-Honey Craft Beer, Cactus Fig Licor and Agave Cocktails.

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Brunch Santo: Easter Special @Silent Green Kulturquartier

Berlin, 12.04.2017

Easter is around the corner and to make this long weekend unique, me and our friends from Mars Restaurant, have prepared a special Brunch Mexican style: "Brunch Santo."

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Destille Berlin & Agave Cocktail Party

Berlin, 29.03.2017

This Saturday 1st of April, Berlin will experience the 6th edition of the "Destille Craft Spirits Festival"; here you have the opportunity to meet producers and merchants of some of the best hand-made or craft spirits available in the market. Visitors to Destille Berlin will have the opportunity to taste Gin, Rum, Vodka, and my personal favorites Agave Spirits.

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Talking about tacos

taquería takeover @LaDespensa.Berlin

Berlin, 13.02.2017

Taco, tortilla, enchilada? I still have to explain what is the difference between these things to people who hasn´t had much contact with authentic Mexican street food. One of my cooking partners used to call tortillas "tacos shell," I fired her at that very moment.

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Día de la Candelaria: Tamales y Atole en Berlin

Mesoamerican cuisine

Berlin, 01.02.2017

A tamal is a traditional Mesoamerican dish, present since prehispanic times, made of masa de maíz (corn dough), which is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. Atole is another ancient beverage also corn based and flavored with fruits.

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Merendero del Agave

September 2016

Berlin, 08.09.2016

Mexican Food & Agave Bar Pop-Up: Tamales and Mexican Antojitos (Tapas) / Vegan and Vegetarian option, all 100% Gluten Free! Agave Bar, Craft Beer & Wines: Buy a Drink, Get a Tapa!

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Take Away Merendero Mexicano in Berlin (Pop-up)

Berlin, 12.06.2016

Order a Cocktail, a Beer or a glass of Wine and get a bite of our authentic mexican food in the Merendero Mexicano Pop-up.

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Taquiza with Tequila Casa Coronel at SuperIbérico

Berlin, 19.04.2016

Every Mexican has been on a taquiza, maybe even cooked for it. A "Taquiza" can very much be translated as "Taco Time". A week ago I got to cook for a Tequila tasting event at Super Ibérico in Berlin, and I decided to do a small taquiza for it.

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Turning it into a tradition: Mexican Fonda in Kreuzberg

Berlin, 08.04.2016

Thanks to everybody who showed up to our first Mexican Fonda Event & Boutique in Berlin. It was a long day for us, but we have lots of fun preparing our hand made, cooked from scratch "Antojitos Mexicanos".

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Irish Salsa and Mexican Tlacoyos in Berlin

Berlin, 28.03.2016

The second week of September I was told that Agavera would be in the open-kitchen event of Crazy Bastard Sauce in Kreuzberg and luckily there would also be Mexican food thanks to Taco Kween, a talented Mexican street-food caterer in Berlin.

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A piece of Mexico in Neukölln

Berlin, 03.02.2016

A gastronomic travel to Mexico, with authentic mexican pasilla & guajillo chili, corn tortilla and 100% Agave Margaritas. This Friday (05.02.2016) Mandilon team bring an authentic mexican menu to the Dortmunder Poststübchen. So take the U8 or the Ringbahn direction Hermanstrasse an taste a piece of Mexico in Neukölln.

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