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Irish Salsa and Mexican Tlacoyos in Berlin

Berlin, 28.03.2016

Crazy Bastard Sauce (CBS) is made in Berlín by Irish people using Mexican chiles (among others). Jonathan O'Reilly is the man behind CBS and on that, they were experimenting with new ingredients and recipes to bring a new sauce into the market. To be honest, I was there to get some good Mezcal, but once we smell the sauces cooking in the kitchen and saw the hand-made tlacoyos, we had to get our teeth into this savory Mexican food.

CBS say in its website: “Food is just an excuse to hot sauce.” and, this time, Jorge with his Mexican street-food project Taco Kween was the excuse to taste the sauces of CBS. Few weeks before, we´ve found Taco Kween at the “Bar a tu Salud” and I was hoping to eat it again, so it was a pleasant surprise when I see he was making Tlacoyos for that afternoon.

Tlacoyos and Crazy Bastard Sauce.

A Tlacoyo is a corn dough filled with beans or broad beans, both very common in mexican cuisine. A Tlacoyo may be topped with meat just with cream, cheese (quesillo), and of course salsa. For this event Taco Kween topped the Tlacoyos with Cochinita Pibil, that is pulled pork marinated and cooked in Axiote Sauce, probably the most popular dish from the Yucatán Peninsula.

The typical salsa for this food is an habanero salsa. Habanero Chili is also very characteristic from this region, in fact the habanero chili cultivated in this region has an appelation of origin registered in the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property. On this day we could also enjoy of habanero sauce however, it was not the traditional habanero sauce but the irish recipes from crazy bastard sauce.

It was an excellent evening with friends, authentic mezcal and tlacoyos, a truth Mexican experience enhanced with the sauce made by Jonathan O´Reilly giving Irish creativity and dedication to great salsas. My favorite sauce was no doubt the yellow label with apple, habanero, and tomatillo, the last two very traditional Mexican ingredients.

Visit Crazy Bastard Sauce website to check out new salsa inventions and get a perfect mate for your food and try them with mexican recipes you can find in this blog. Get also ready to follow Taco Kween this summer or contact them in facebook if you need authentic mexican food for an event.

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