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Destille Berlin & Agave Cocktail Party

Berlin, 29.03.2017

Mexican Craft Spirits - Agave Distillates

In Mexico, we have plenty of spirits which for different historical reasons, haven´t find access to local markets nor develop their technologies of production; however and as it has turned out, keeping a small, rather rustical production process, has become a significant competitive advantage. That is the case of Raicilla, Sotol, Bacanora and the most popular right now Mezcal, which industry is composed mainly of family companies who focus in preserving traditional even ancestral production processes.

Besides the great producers and dedicated distributors present in the Destille Craft Spirits Festival, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a mini-tasting presented by "Mayahuel Berlin" a project of Mrs. Ph.D. Enriqueta Martínez Rojas. She is part of the jury of this year´s Destille Awards and an expert and certified Tequila taster who also produces Cactus Fig Liquor and who will also be presenting Craft Tequilas, tough to find in the market. 

Last but (definitely) not least, you should visit the stand of Agavera Berlin, for the first time in the Destille Berlin and presenting - probably for the first time in Germany -  other members of the Agave family, so this is definitely a must-visit-stand to get to know and taste the cousins of Tequila and Mezcal. 

Mexican Agave Spirits have a long history, they have also defined our culture; however, many historical and political factors has kept spirits like Raicilla, Sotol or Bacanora in the shadows. To discover more about Agave culture and Mexican distillates, visit the Mexican stands at Destille Berlin and take a look at my next tasting event: "Agave Clash Round 1: Tequila vs Mezcal".

Agave Cocktail´s and Mexican Antojitos (a.k.a Street Food)

As part of my efforts to present authentic Mexican gastronomic culture, I am organizing on the afternoon of Saturday 1st of April an Agave Cocktail Party. Besides the usual Agave Bar with Tequila, Mezcal and Pulque (agave wine), this time I will be serving tastz mexican flavored cocktails using 4 of the products present in the Destille Berlin: Mezcal Koch Espadín, Mezcal Atenco Espadín, Mezcal Casa Coronel, Tequila Herencia Mexicana and Viuda de Lonche Cactus Fig Liquor. All cocktails get a Mexican hand-made snack, and for those hungry people we will also be offering Sopes, corn dough topped with beans and three of the following toppings:

  • Brisket with Salsa Verde
  • Potato in Poblano Chili Creamy Sauce
  • Chicharrón Prensado (Pork in Guajillo Sauce)

The event is taking place this Saturday 1st of April in Tom Hemp´s, a new café-restaurant which employs Hemp in all food they offer so you can also try a agave-hemp cocktails. 
Check out our event on facebook, we have a special deal for Destille Berlin ticket holders!

Looking forward to meet you!