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Take Away Merendero Mexicano in Berlin (Pop-up)

Berlin, 12.06.2016

Mandilon & Mayahuel come back to Mamma Berlin and this time with the Merendero Mexicano. Merendero is a "tapas bar" concept original from the state of Aguascalientes in Central Mexico. Each of this Merenderos offer reasonable prices on food and alcohol with a familiar atmosphere. 

We are bringing this concept to Berlin so that you can get a taste of the Merendero Culture, authentic mexican food + original mexican cocktails with 100% agave spirits and Cactus fig Liquor.  The Drinks:
  • Craftbier : Pale Ale & Lager
  • White Wine: Val de los Frailes, Verdejo, Spain. 
  • Red Wine: La Motito, Garnacha, Spain.
  • Cocktails: Besides the traditional lemon Margarita we offer new cocktail creations. For all our cocktails we use authentic 100% agave Tequilas and Mezcales. 

- Lemon Margarita
- Tequituna: Kaktusfeigenlikör, Orange Saft, 
Grapefruit Saft, Tequila & Mezcal
- Rodentizide: Tonic, Blue Curacao, Tequila, Grenadine
- Zitronel: Zitrone Likör (Selbstgemacht), Soda, Tequila Casa Coronel

The Food:
1) The classic Gordita Fiel (Chicharrón Prensado / Pork Belly cooked in Guajillo Salsa) 

2) Gordita Infiel (Sweet Potato, Aubergine & Paprika) which can be made either vegan or vegetarian with cheese and sour creme.

Remember all our mexican food is gluten free, handmade and uses only local ingredients, except from the chilis and our mexican spirits, of course. 

Looking forward to see u!