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Turning it into a tradition: Mexican Fonda in Kreuzberg

Berlin, 08.04.2016

Mexican food experience.

Mayahuel and Mandilon (a.k.a. Keta and Polo) got together to bring something that, we believe, have been missing on this continent, a truth Mexican Gastronomic Experience. Mexican food, which may also be named Prehispanic food, might have arrived first to Spain. Not only because of the many Latino migrants who have moved to the Iberic Peninsula but also because of the similarities of our cultures, their tapas and our antojitos culture to be more precise.

It took a while for the authentic Mexican ingredients and know-how to get into other European countries. Eight years ago it was still quite difficult to find a decent Mexican restaurant in Berlin and almost impossible to get a drinkable Tequila, don´t even think about Mezcal, nobody knew what that was, many others still might not know. Nowadays we have many good representatives of Mexican culture in Germany, some Mexicans, some other foreigners who for different reasons fell in love with Mexico and ever since have been striving to unveil the authentic Mexican culture. 

Mexican Fonda & Boutique.

The idea behind our Mexican Fonda is to bring a piece of the authentic Mexican culture in which eating and drinking play a central role. We eat to get together and by drinking we get even closer, we make new friendships and keep them close so we can eat and drink again.

Out food is nothing fancy but it will always be authentic, we hold to the very essence of prehispanic food and experiment with everything that tastes good. 100% Mexican? not really, we improvise with many things we can't find in here, but the key is to respect the core of Mexican food, select good ingredients, great tequilas and mezcales and fantastic craft beer. 

We do hope you have enjoyed our first Mexican Fonda & Boutique, and we will be very happy if you join us for our future events. The next one will take place on April the 30th in the same cozy place at Mamma Berlin. 

More details on the event by facebook

Special thanks to Mamma Berlin, Chili & Paprika, Lager Lager Berlin and Azafrán Gourmet for their support.

Photo Credits: Freddy S