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A piece of Mexico in Neukölln

Berlin, 03.02.2016

Mandilon night at Dortmunder Poststübchen

The Dortmunder Poststübchen has more than 20 years of history and has remained a Family Business since its beginnings. Few weeks ago we went back with some friends to enjoy some proper German food; we had the chance to meet Gosia and Henry, the people who run the restaurant. 

I've been looking for a place to make some tastings of authentic Mexican food and mezcal, so I've just brought the topic to the table. They very well received the idea and this is how we got to organize our first Mandilon night. 

Dortmunder Poststübchen - Glasower Strasse 38, 12051 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Mexican Menu takes over german restaurant

We decided to start simple, so we begin with a Mexican Menu and 100% Agave Margaritas. You could get a full meal, in Mexico we call it “Comida Corrida” and its offered at lunch, which is suicide if you need to get back to the office. This Menu is usually a 5-course Menu: Starter, soup, Mexican rice or beans, main course and dessert.
For our Mexican night, we are not doing that much but still enough to get you a full belly and a happy heart (Mexican say “Barriga llena corazón contento”). You can get the full Menu for €19 but you could also order each this separately and here the food:

Menu €19 / Prices in brackets for single dish orders

Lime or Tamarindo Margarita (€6)

The classic mexican cocktail, we have two flavours, both very traditional fruits. Tamarindo is an exotic fruit than is very popular in Mexico and this Margarita has also some Orange juice. 

Starter: Tostada Guacamole Guajillo (€ 2,50)

Crispy tortilla with fried beans, Guajillo-Sauce and Guacamole. As you can see this starter is vegetarian, even vegan. 

Soup: Champignon-Morita Chili Soup (€ 6,00)

This is a classic soup from the Marquesa National Park in the State of Mexico, about 30 km from Mexico City. My father would always order this one, which can be quite a spicey soup, so I might make some adjustments for those pussies who don't eat chili.

Tacos Pasillado (€3,50) & black beans (€ 4)

As you may already know, taco is a soft corn tortilla filled with pretty much anything, if it's not soft tortilla then it is not a taco! To fill the tacos there is a combination of meat, potatoes and spinach cooked in a Pasilla Chili Sauce or Pasillado, one of my favorite Mexican salsas. 

Vegetarian Alternative

For the vegetarian option we take the meat of course and for the rest of us who enjoy meat, you may choose between chicken or beef.

Looking forward to see you there!