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Día de la Candelaria: Tamales y Atole en Berlin

Mesoamerican cuisine

Berlin, 01.02.2017

Tamales is a very popular dish not only in Mexico but also in Central America, long ago also know as Mesoamerica. Tamales is one of those dishes that can be eaten at any time of the day but more tipical in breakfast (even as a sandwich named "Guajolota") or dinner. Tamales are usually sold on the streets, by bike merchants who carry the "tamalera" (pot to make tamales) everywhere they go. There is no traditional Tamales Day as a such but in the mexican culture one day is very caracteristic for tamales and its know as Día de la Candelaria, here its story.

Story of Día de la Candelaria

El día de la candelaria (Candelaria Day) is another catholic celebration with great popularity in Mexico, mainly because of the food that is served on this day. The dynamic of this day has to do with what happens on January the 6th, which we mexicans know as “Día de Reyes” (Day of kings). This day refers to the three Magic Kings who traveled long distances to bring gifts to the “Niño Jesús” (Jesus Christ) on his birthday, so in Christmas.

On “Día de Reyes” families, friends and even co-workers all across the country eat together the “Rosca de Reyes”, a special rounded cake which is filled with few small plastic boy figures representing the “Niño Jesús”. Each person cut their own piece of the cake and those who get the plastic figure in their piece, will then bring tamales to that same group on the “Día de la Candelaria” on February 2nd.

Tamalizas a.k.a. Tamales Day in Berlin!

We will be serving tamales in different locations. We start on Thursday 2nd of February in Samariter str. 35 at La Despensa, a cozy latin american stlye café-boutique in Friedrichshain. Come and enjoy three different all savory tamales: pork with salsa verde, beans-chipotle and pumpkin-panela cheese. Get the tasting menu which also includes an Strawberry Atole or an Artisan Hot Chocolate, check the eventbrite site.

Tamales at La Despensa Berlin (Samariterstr. 35 Berlin Friedrichshain)

Thursday 2th February

Facebook Event Tamales y Atole - Día de la Candelaría at La Despensa

Pre-Sale Menu at Eventrbrite

Vegan Tamales in Neukölln

Tamales and atole are both very popular dishes which have been present in Mexican culture since ancient times. Besides the fantastic flavor, these specialties are incredibely healthy and even vegan since mesoamerican times. So be prepared because on Saturday we open the vegan Month at the CBS Kitchen and Shop with vegan tamales, Beans-Chipotle, Spinat-Salsa Verde and Spicy Pumpkin and the traditional Strawberry Atole.

As usual we bring our Agave Bar with Pulque, Tequilas and Mezcales. Cocktails for this day Bloody Maria and Horchata Peligrosa made with 100% agave tequila.

Vegan Tamales at CBS Kitchen & Shop (Wesserstrasse 168, Berlin Neukölln)

Saturday 4th February and Sunday 5th of February

Facebook Event VEGAN Tamales at CBS Kitchen & Shop

Vegan Tamales Pre-Sale Menu eventbrite

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