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Taquiza with Tequila Casa Coronel at SuperIbérico

Berlin, 19.04.2016

Cooking with tequila and chorizo - Taquiza at Super Iberico.

As in many other countries, in Mexico, food and drinks are very important in our culture.  For almost any gathering, people would organize to bring food and drinks to make the moment more enjoyable or memorable. The point is to have a fantastic time or to make those dull or sad moments a bit more acceptable. 
The word taquiza means lots of tacos, for a taco you need tortillas and a filling; in a taquiza, each participant would bring a plate for everybody else to eat tacos.

In my experience, two of the most popular dishes for a taquiza are "Rajas con Queso" and "Papa con Chorizo" so this was exactly my suggestion for the people at Super Ibérico. 

For the "Rajas con crema," all I needed from Mexico was Poblano Chili; "Rajas" is just the name of any chili when cut in stripes. I cooked the Poblano chili with champignons and Tequila Casa Coronel, which was the cohost of this event. I often cook with tequila, but this combination was kind of exotic, totally unexpected but savory.

For the "Papa con Chorizo" (potatoes and chorizo) the important part is the chorizo, and Mexican chorizo is nowhere to be found in Germany. Luckily Spanish chorizo is easier to find, but I didn't have to look because Super Ibérico has different types of it.  Spanish chorizo is a bit different than Mexican one but some sorts, the ones for grilling, are very similar in flavor. 

I´ve also met the guys from Tequila Casa Coronel (, they were giving a tasting of their Agave spirits which included two Tequilas and a Mezcal. My favorite was the Tequila Reposado (Gold) which can be nicely paired with the Dark Agave Chocolate by Porfidio. 

On the following weeks I will post the recipe for these plates, they are very easy to make; you would only need a couple of import items which you can find at Super Ibérico in Berlin.

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