Mexican Food Recipes

How to cook authentic mexican food? only with authentic ingredients. Discover different authentic and traditional recipes but also learn how to incorporate mexican ingredients in the food you love. Cooking mexican food or mexican style.

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Tortitas de Verduras

Veggie Burgers

Berlin, 16.04.2016

Tortitas may be the Spanish word for burgers or in German boullete. The most common in Mexico are the tortitas de papa (potatoes) but you can made tortillas of many things and this time I cook veggie tortitas with red wine at Maria´s place.

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Quesadillas and Salsa Pico de Gallo, a classic in Mexican food culture

Berlin, 06.03.2016

Mexican people eat quesadillas and salsa Pico de gallo anytime, breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner if you want to eat light. Warm up a tortilla, fill it with cheese and let it melt. Now you just need a sauce to experiment a savory combination, for that we make Pico de Gallo this time.

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Salsa Macha: Morita Chili & Garlic

Berlin, 04.03.2016

In Mexico, we usually use green or red tomato and onions to prepare Salsas (sauces in English). However, there are always some exceptions and here is one. If you love garlic and spicy food, then you better try this Mexican Salsa recipe with Morita Chili Pepper.

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Salsa Pico de Gallo

a classic in the mexican cuisine

Berlin, 02.03.2016

In Mexico, we call it salsa but it looks more like a Salad, and you will find it very often on the table of restaurants and street-food stands all over the country. However, the ingredients used to make this traditional Mexican salsa can vary from one region to another.

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Tacos de Alambre

Beef and Bell Pepper Tacos

Berlin, 01.03.2016

Beef, Bell Pepper, Onion and Cheese in a corn tortilla. This is one of the most famous Tacos you could find in Mexico; there is almost no Taquería which does not offer this kind of tacos. You can easily make these tacos at home, here my recipe.

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Tacos de Carnitas a la Alemana

German pork tacos with Salsa Roja

Berlin, 28.02.2016

Tacos de carnitas is for me the classic brunch or breakfast on the weekend. You will find this dish on the menu of plenty of restaurants around the country, but it is even easier to eat it on the streets. Living in Berlin there is little chance to eat this, so I´ve adapted a German dish to make myself Tacos de Carnitas, the German version of it.

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Mexican Pasta Salad with Spinach and Pasilla Chili Dressing

Berlin, 16.02.2016

I believe that salad is the perfect food for lunch, light, healthy but most important very fast to prepare. You can also diversify your salad very easy so you never get bored. Select some veggies, Als Mittagessen esse ich oft eine Kombination aus Salat, Pasta, etwas Gemüse, Feta-Käse und Olivenöl. Die ganze Zubereitung braucht nicht länger als 15 Minuten. Etwas gesünder als Döner & Pizza ist es nebenbei auch noch.

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Burrito Pasillado

The authentic mexican Burrito

Berlin, 13.02.2016

Burritos come from north Mexico and actually it was very hard to find them somewhere else in the country. 15 years ago I saw the first Burrito Bar in Mexico City and every time I come back to this place I keep ordering this Burrito so now that I live in Berlin it was time to make my own version of this burrito.

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Guajillo-Shrimp Tacos

Berlin, 08.02.2016

Open a bottle of wine, make some Guacamole and get ready to cook some shrimp tacos. Chop all the veggies with some guajillo chili and cook it along with the shrimps. Add some white wine at the end and in 30 minutes you have some tasty fusion Mexican shrimp tacos.

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Huevos Griegos a la Mexicana

Greek Omelette Mexican Style

Berlin, 21.01.2016

My sister came up with this easy, fast and tasty omelette recipe. Made in Greece by a Mexican, Feta-Cheese-Omelette mexican style.

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Tacos de Huevo con Chorizo

Eggs with chorizo

Berlin, 18.01.2016

This recipe is a traditional breakfast in Mexico, quite popular in Toluca city located in the State of Mexico. Eggs and chorizo tacos. I prefer to use corn tortilla but some people prefer flour tortillas, you may choose.

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Guacamole con Tortillas Tostadas

a mexican classic

Berlin, 13.01.2016

Guacamoles is most probably the most popular and beloved Mexican recipes worldwide which unlike Nachos or Chili con Carne, Guacamole is 100% authentic Mexican food.

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