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Salsa Macha: Morita Chili & Garlic

Berlin, 04.03.2016

At this point, you should already know that Mexican food is about Salsas and Mais Tortillas. It doesn't matter if you cook fish, meat or veggies, if it's Mexican, you will most likely find a spicy Salsa and some Mais Tortillas to make tacos. 

In Mexico, we usually use tomatoes (green or red) and onions to prepare Salsa. However there are some exceptions and here is one of them. If you like garlic and spicy food, then you will love this Mexican Salsa recipe with Morita Chili.

The only ingredients in this recipe are Olive Oil, Garlic and Chile Morita, so yes this is a very simple recipe, but it needs time and attention to prevent the chiles and garlic to get burned.  

My father and his family come from Toluca, a small city some 80 km away from Mexico City. To get to this place you have to cross the mountains surrounding Mexico Valley, this is a huge forest and a protected area named La Marquesa National Park. 

In this park, you can find plenty of restaurants or street food alike stands, offering hand made quesadillas and a variety of red and green chorizos which is one of the specialties of this region in the State of Mexico. Another characteristic of this national park is the Trout farming (Trucha in Spanish).

Since I remember my family have visited a small Restaurant in this natural park, we adopted this restaurant as a location for family birthdays and important dates like for example mother's day. 

In this little restaurant was when I first tried this oily and hot salsa, it is pretty spicy but the flavor is quite addictive, and if you are careful it will bring a great taste to your food. You can use this salsa in tacos, sandwiches, pizza and even as a dressing for Salads or to give a spicy and smoky flavor to almost any kind of food.



Salsa aus Chili-Morita und Knoblauch
  • 1 Knolle    garlic
  • 1 Tasse    olive oil
  • 50 g    chilli morita

Glutenfrei Laktosefrei Milcheiweisfrei Vegan Vegetarisch


Salsa aus Chili-Morita und Knoblauch
  1. Heat up a pan add the oil
  2. cook the garlic in low temperature until they turn gold brown, reserve.
  3. Remove the stems from chiles
  4. One by one cook the chiles in the oil 3 to 5 seconds and reserve. Chili are sensible so be careful not to burn them.
  5. Let the oil cool down a bit.
  6. Process the garlic, chilis and half of the oil with a blender. Add some more oil if needed.


I recommend you using a sealable glass for this salsa, this way it will last even longer. 

You may also put some more olive oil after few days, the salsa will get milder but it will still have this smoky chili flavor. 

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