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Mexican Pasta Salad with Spinach and Pasilla Chili Dressing

Berlin, 16.02.2016

Sometimes I really dont know what to eat for lunch. Usually I have one hour to get some food and come back to the office but there are days when I feel like I have tried everything in the surroundings. Fast food is a good option, and Im not talking of Ronald but all the street-food stands offering from pizza to burger, kebap or a variation of turkish street-food (if you live in berlin). Most of them very tasty but quite greasy, the kind of food that might make you sleep in front of your computer. 

Salad is always a great alternative, I start eating salads following the example of my former flatmate. He would almost everyday cut diverse vegetables, cook passta and finishin the dish with olive oil an oregean. This is a winner combination, you can barely do something wrong but for me I needed a mexican touch, so inpired by a Morita-Chili sauce, I came to the idea of making this dressing with Pasilla Chili. 

This time I try this dressing with spinach, I like spinach but to be honest I use it because I bought a huge bag on the weekend so I had to finish it before it gets bad. 



Spinat Salat
  • 800 g    spinach
  • 4    paprika gelb
  • 4 klein    onion
  • 4    tomatoes
  • 400 g    fusilli pasta

Laktosefrei Milcheiweisfrei Vegan Vegetarisch

Chili Pasilla Dressing
  • 1 EL    olive oil
  • 1    chili pasilla
  • 1    lime juice
  • 1    garlic cloves
  •    salt
  •    pepper

Glutenfrei Laktosefrei Milcheiweisfrei Vegan Vegetarisch


Spinat Salat
  1. Cook the pasta
  2. Wash all vegetables
  3. Finely Chop the tomatoes and onions
  4. Lay the Spinach leaves on top of each other, roll them up and slice away
  5. Add all ingredients (except the pasilla peppers) into a bowl
Chili Pasilla Dressing
  1. Pasilla Chilis: remove stems, seeds, and veins and put the peppers into hot water for around 10 mins and reserve for the dressing.
  2. Eine Schote Chili Pasilla aus dem Wasser nehmen
  3. Mix the Pasilla Pepper, Olive Oil, Garlic and Lemon JuiceChili and season to taste
  4. When pasta is cooked put it into a bowl
  5. Add all the vegetables and pour 3 spoons of the dressing.
  6. Combine all ingredients and taste
  7. Add more dressing if its needed


  • Pasilla Chili is intense in flavor but barely hot and soaking it in water would take all the spicyness away-
  • The more chilis you use the more savoury it will be.