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Tacos de Huevo con Chorizo

Eggs with chorizo

Berlin, 18.01.2016

A traditional Mexican breakfast recipe is tacos con chorizo (scrambled eggs with chorizo). I personally prefer corn tortillas for these tacos but many restaurants would serve it with flour tortillas although if this is the case, I would not call them tacos but burrito or quesadillas; to me, tacos must be made with corn tortillas.

In Germany, it is quite difficult to get the real Mexican chorizo. What I´ve seen in german supermarkets is red coloured sausage which is usually made with paprika. Mexican Chorizo is a sausage made with different chillis and spices and Toluca city is the capital of chorizo but you can find this Mexican sausage all over the country. I guess chorizo can already be found in some cities in the United States but a very good option is to buy Spanish chorizo which is quite similar in taste and consistency. 

The better the ingredients the tastier this recipe which only need eggs, corn or flour tortillas and chorizo. However, as I could not find Mexican chorizo, I have also used garlic, guajillo chilli and lemon juice and as most of the Mexican food, you may also add some salsa and cheese on top of the taco.



Tacos de Huevo con Chorizo
  • 150 g Statt original mexikanischer geht auch (original) spanische    chorizo
  • 1 Zehe    garlic
  • 1    chili guajillo
  • 2    eggs
  • 2    tortillas


Tacos de Huevo con Chorizo
  1. Remove the seeds from the Guajillo chilli. You may leave them if you like spicy food
  2. Cut the Guajillo chilli in small pieces.
  3. Put some oil in a Pan and roast the Chorizo, Garlic and Guajillo Chilli (8-12 Min.) Be careful and move constantly so Guajillo Chili does not burn.
  4. Crack the eggs into a bowl or jug, add some salt and pepper and use a fork to beat them together.
  5. Add the eggs to the Pan with the chorizo, guajillo chilli and garlic.
  6. Stir slowly with a wooden spoon until eggs are almost done (slightly undone) and remove from heat.
  7. Use another Pan to warm up the corn tortillas (could also be flour tortillas)
  8. Make the tacos
  9. You can put some lemon juice in the tacos.