Mexican Restaurants worth visiting

The word "authentic" has become a cliché, at least when speaking of mexican restaurants, taquerías and canitnas outside Mexico. I show you here few mexican restaurants that actually offer real mexican food or at least are very close to it.

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The classic Sunday-Tacos -Taquería Chaparro in Berlin (part 2)

Berlin, 11.03.2016

Carnitas and Barbacoa are two kinds of tacos very popular in Mexico City. You would find Carnitas mostly in street-food stands all over the Metropolis nearly every day. Barbacoa, usually sheep meat, is more a weekend kind of food. In Berlin, you can enjoy these tacos (but also as a torta or burrito) in Chaparro-Restaurant on the Wiener Strasse in Kreuzberg.

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Taquería Chaparro Berlin

taco, torta o burrito?

Berlin, 15.02.2016

Mexican food can be very complex, all over the country there are so many different styles and combinations which require lots of patience and precision when cooking. However, if you know what mexican food is about you don't need to be so complex to offer great mexican food and that's what Chaparro offers.

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